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Weedist Women: Megan Schwarting January 2, 2014 by Anna Diaz

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“Megan has become a notable cannabusiness woman due to her ability to create a world-class product while keeping it real. She has become a friend over the years, and I am proud to work with her to end cannabis prohibition. She is always ready to help out the movement in any way that she can. Megan donates regularly to local fund-raisers and participates in event panels that discuss the benefits of cannabis-infused topicals. She was one of the keynote speakers at the NORML Women’s Alliance High Tea in September.”

“Megan Schwarting showed us all that women have a powerful voice in today’s cannabusinesses. She showed us that dreams can come true with a clear vision and hard work. Here, she answers my questions and shares her hopes for the future.”

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