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Kush Creams™ Organic Permafrost is our most powerful, effective formulation. The increased percentage of emu oil (30%) delivers the botanical, anti-inflammatory properties deep to the source of your pain. Emu oil’s proven deep penetration exceeds any other natural oil and is renowned for its skin cell regeneration. Organic corn mint flowers (menthe arvensis) are steam-distilled to a potent essential oil, then cold extracted into a crystallized, solid that provides cooling relief for even the most challenging pain. Rich concentrations of sea buck thorn berry pulp with evening primrose, rose hip seed, babassu and kokum are mixed with the menthol to make a proprietary base that enhances the naturally healing hemp oil with the power of all of the ingredients.

Kush Creams™ Permafrost is a medicinal cream. It is not designed to be moisturizing. Instead it is a fast-acting, local pain management resource that absorbs instantly. Permafrost provides the consistent pain relief for large and small body areas including backs, necks, knees, shoulders and hands. A great go-to for lower extremity pains, Permafrost is often the only formulation that works on stubborn foot pain. Migraine sufferers have found significant relief using Permafrost at the temples and base of the neck at the spinal cord.

The proprietary Permafrost formula is known for its icy effect versus the common icy-hot effect. It was designed to truly ice your sore muscles and even works as a cooling cream during hot summer months. The aromatherapy benefits are used to gain natural alertness.

Permafrost is great to double-dose due to its rapid absorption.
Our Organic Permafrost is offered in a few different aromatherapy choices:

A very small amount of this concentrated blend is very effective. A dime-sized amount (approximately 1 gram) works on a patch of skin (approximately 40 applications per ounce). Remember this when applying. There is no need to lather a large area. You are more effective pinpointing a source of pain and reapplying at the source of the problem. For instance, while sciatic pain may be felt traveling down the leg, the inflammation is typically in the lower back. Kush Creams™ Permafrost is tried and true pain relief.