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Natural Sensi

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Our versatile Natural Sensi is the go to cream. Natural Sensi is unscented, hypoallergenic, and perfect for sensitive skin.


*Due to pump bottle shortages the 16 ounce product may arrive in 2 eight ounce pump bottles.

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20 reviews for Natural Sensi

  1. Patient (verified owner)

    This product cleared up my excema within three uses. I have tried many prescriptions for this and nothing works as fast and effective as Kush Creams! And you have to love the natural organic ingredients! Thank you!

  2. Anahata Graceland (verified owner)

    I had a surgery and accident which risked the skin on my face. I was extremely swollen, very very bruised black and blue and also I was scared. A construction worker at my house gave this to me and said it helped him and it might help me. he gave me thewhole small container as a gift! This has been unspeakably, remarkably healing. The change in just 3 days has awed everyone family & friends. The skin that they thought would surely die – did not! The bruising went down over 4 times less! I can’t tell you how grateful I am to your company, to you people — taking this product out for people like me to use. Some day I will be happy to show you a photo. Truly this is a great product for anyone to use.

  3. Dots

    We have used Cream of the Crop Perma Frost Super Sour Diesel for about 2 weeks. On shoulders, neck and hands and each time it works!! We love it and will buy one for our daughter who has aches from a car accident.

  4. Janina

    Having used herbs for many years (turned 71 on 2nd July), and despite having used emu oil in the past, I can tell you the Cream of the Crop works wonders on me relieving me of fibromyalgia pain, arthritis (joints), spinal pain (upper & lower) and more . . . There is not enough space or time for me to exult these creams as they need to be! All I can say is “Thank You!”

  5. Sherrie

    Teeth gritting pain of arthritis, RA, muscle cramping, nerve pain and diagnosed fibromyalgia…(because the doctors cannot find the root of problem with severe cramping and pain) are what I deal with daily. Barely functioning but trying to go back to work. In the last four years lost 444 lbs and doctors can no longer pawn off my pain to say it is the weight I carry. I want to thank you, nearly tears in the Life’s Rx in Renton yesterday when I tried your Organic Perma Frost cream!!! AMAZING, SIMPLY PERFECT!!! I know there is hope and reality, to have in less than a minute something that took that clinch out of my teeth… Easing the terrible aching pain!!
    WORDS ARE NOT ENOUGH!! Just the sample in the store and I was sold!!

  6. Jan

    I suffer extremely from osteoarthritis and while it doesnt cure the situation it helps tremendously within only a very few minutes I had no pain at all and it lasted for quite awhile. Thank you

  7. Desiree Baker (verified owner)

    Love it all!! Used to get leg cramps nightly, no more. Use perma frost on legs and feet and it works wonders! We also use Kreme of the krop nightly, can’t imagine life without it. Thank you for everything.

  8. Amber Jacques

    My mother used Natural Sensi while she was as undergoing radiation treatment for breast cancer. She started using two weeks prior to starting and used three times a day during treatment for three months. She did not have any issues with blistered or burnt skin and her doctors were amazed! Thank you Kush Cream!!

  9. Lisa

    I use this cream for headaches, backaches, wounds, cramps, hand and feet pains and so much more. I love how it doesn’t leave your skin or clothes greasy. Thank you for all you do! Congrats on going OTC.

  10. Diane Rissler (verified owner)

    Diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in my hands. Swollen knuckles and cramping muscles made it difficult to use my hands. Started using natural sensei three times a day. Within three months, my hands looked and felt normal. Being able to use my hands again was simply a godsend. I use the natural sensei as I am allergic to perfume. This hypoallergenic kush cream is great. Thank you for this wonderful product.

  11. E. Angell

    I have used Kush cream for years, for everything from deep muscle/neck pain, to leg cramps, eczema outbreaks and even irritating mosquito bites. It’s almost eerie how quickly it works to eliminate pain and irritation for all of these symptoms. I’ve also given it to others for arthritis and similar issues. Their initial skepticism was replaced with awe and amazement at how quickly the product noticeably reduced or completely eliminated their pain.
    I cannot recommend this product highly enough; I’ve tried other products and they are just not as effective. I’m convinced that if doctors took the time to observe its effectiveness they would stampede to have the product legalized and begin prescribing it nation-wide.

  12. Jennifer Wheeler (verified owner)

    I use the Natural Sensi for everything pain related.(cramps, burns, headaches, etc) This stuff is remarkable and out of this world. Nothing else like it and I love the high quality of their products.

  13. Jann Power

    I have used this creme for deep cramps that will leave your leg or calf bruised within 5 hours. This creme stops cramps immediately, totally eliminating the next day sore /bruised feeling. It has been a great help with those camps that wake you up and hang around without an intervention to relax the muscle tension

  14. DEEN LOURAINE (verified owner)

    My 88 year old Mother’s Vascular Surgeon suggested Kush Cream for the pain in her legs. I was amazed he recommended it being in the AMA. Well, tried it and is is marvelous! Works for my knee pain, foot pain & also my Mother’s aches and pains.

  15. Linda West

    Amazing results!
    Besides using successfully for muscle aches and joint pain I started applying the sensi to a dry, sensitive age spot on my left cheek (sun damage ) This patch got worse after the dermatologist tried to freeze it off. It didn’t even blister, but it instead became more sensitive and more precancerous looking. After applying the Kush cream daily, the spot became soft, then lightened and shrunk. It eventually disappeared. I am blown away as I did try other skin products without any change. I’m sold on Kush it is a very affective product.

  16. Denise

    Love your natural Sensi… Yes it’s wonderful for all my aches n pains but the most amazing thing was when my hands were burning bad from cutting up some hot peppers I put my hands in a big bowl of milk but wasn’t helping much. Ugh! So guess what I tried next?! Yes… Natural sensi!!! It wasn’t instant relief but I wasn’t in pain for hours. Thanks so much 🙂
    Time to order!!!
    PS Myo shared the samples you sent him 🙂 … Sharing is Caring!

  17. jacobbuzza1995 (verified owner)

    Only thing that we have found to help our two year olds severe case of eczema!!!!!

  18. Peanutmurph

    Jus received this today and I highly recommend this to anyone. My eczema has not gone away but I definitely am not itching it like I was before use this is a one shot healer for everything I am in love will be buying more.

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

    i have used this creme for a few years off and on, well I am back on these days as I have breast cancer and had a lumpectomy with a few lymph nodes removed also, the pain under my arm was so bad I could not believe one could have such pain. Once mys surgical sites healed up (14)days on day 15 I started to use this cream and it has helped so much with pain and healing up my wound much quicker. I plan on ordering more because I read from another post that a guys mother used this cream during her radiation.
    I will start radiation in 3 more weeks and I plan to use this cream! I am happy.

  20. selma starkman (verified owner)

    I am a week out of daily radiation (3 weeks) for breast cancer, I applied this cream at least 3 times a day, my breast just looks a little sun burned, I never blistered. I am still using it 3 times a day until my breast color is normal. I also us the permafrost for my arthritic thumbs, it sure help ease the pain for awhile.

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