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“WEED THE PEOPLE” By Bruce Barcott


Excerpt from Bruce Barcott –

Early in the book I spend some time with the founding partners at Privateer Holdings, a $70 million private equity firm that invests in the legal cannabis industry. One day they heard a pitch from the owners of Kush Creams, a craft-scale producer of cannabis-infused topical creams. Megan and Ben, the owners, left some samples with us. Privateer partner Brendan Kennedy took a couple of jars to his wife, Pacific Northwest Ballet principal dancer Maria Chapman, who explained that she used it on her ankles as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory. It helped her ease the pain without putting ever more Advil into her system. I took a jar home and, months later, tried it on my creaky knee. It actually worked. Now I keep a jar in my gym bag with my hockey gear, and sometimes I rub a little on my knee before yoga. My wife calls it “the pot cream.”

Weed The People book by Bruce Barcott

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