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Purple Haze

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Enjoy heavenly lavender in the rich Kush Creams formula.


*Due to pump bottle shortages, the 16 ounce product may arrive in 2 eight ounce pump bottles.

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1 oz Jar, 4 oz Jar, 8 oz Jar, 16 oz (8oz Pumps x 2)

9 reviews for Purple Haze

  1. Tina

    This is amazing and very quick working. It smells fantastic. I have very bad leg cramps and it prevents them. I highly recommend this cream.

  2. Zoey (verified owner)

    I purchased “Purple Haze” due to the scent- lavender and lemon..I have degenerative discs in my neck due to arthritis- this cream is a godsend! I get flares when the weather changes-
    This cream helps me to wake up in the morning with less pain and it is wonderful! Glad I found you on a nurses recommendation!

  3. Pam Driver (verified owner)

    I’m so grateful to my good friend who introduced me to Kush Creams. I use this great smelling cream liberally every night on my feet, legs, shoulders, wherever I hurt or ache. It lasts me a month and relieves my aches and pains so I can sleep.

  4. Susan Barreto (verified owner)

    4 years ago I herniated my neck and had a titanium plate fused to two of my vertebrae due to degenerative bone disease. I purchased this cream after reading the other review of a woman with the same disease and it has absolutely changed the quality of my life. I am no longer in pain! I apply once a day, in the evening before bed and sleep like a baby. I no longer wake with aches and stiffness and it smells amazing! I am so thankful for this product, it has even relieved the pain and loosened the joints on my hands that are showing signs of arthritis just by rubbing my hands together after applying to my neck. It really is a miracle cream!

  5. Gwen Duckworth

    Thanks to your generous sample, I now know the Purple Haze works well for my muscular pain.

  6. Jean Garite

    A gift from my grandson while on vacation. Works so fast. Amazing.
    Would recommend to try.

  7. Kimberly

    FIRST, I have been diagnosed with ‘Sympathetic Nerve Syndrome’ (CRPS/RSD) (Constant Chronic Pain in my right lower back, 24/7!) It spreads with; Weather, Altitude, Stress, Anxiety, MORE! I am ALSO dealing with ‘HYPERMOBILITY’ HEDS (Ehlers-Danlos Hypermobility) this attacks my ‘Whole Body’, COLLAGEN is the KEY FACTOR, where, for example…I tore a Ligament in my foot, Just by WALKING! LITERALLY!!!

    My husband went on a business trip ‘out west’ and came HOME with THIS CREAM! He visited a ‘shop’ that carries this product and the staff recommended this to him For Me!
    When he came home…..BEST PRESENT EVER!
    DOES this CURE me, No, there is No Cure for either condition. I will have Daily, sometimes debilitating Chronic Pain for the rest of my LIFE! BUT this Cream, I MUST say, Does Help, I also Love Putting it on any skin ‘issues’ I may have and it Immediately helps/gets rid of any skin related problem.

  8. Sandra Teter

    I have been using this cream for neck and shoulder pain due to cervical disc arthritis. It is longer lasting then Biofreeze and provides a deeper, more relaxing effect on the muscles then any other topical product.

  9. Athena March (verified owner)

    Amazing smell and amazing product. I have spinal cord issues and brain issues also. I apply to the back of my neck and anywhere for pain. It makes the pain melt. Oh and because of the Florida heat I put it in the fridge. Ahhhhhh … Nice

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