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O.G. Kush

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Kush Cream’s original scent features calming, rich oatmeal, milk & honey notes. It’s a great scent for our masculine friends. No flower or fruit fragrances.


*Due to pump bottle shortages, the 16 ounce product may arrive in 2 eight ounce pump bottles.

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Weight 1 oz
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1 oz Jar, 4 oz Jar, 8 oz Jar, 16 oz (8oz Pumps x 2)

11 reviews for O.G. Kush

  1. Lynn (verified owner)

    I’ve been a loyal customer since I first used the cream in my Doctors office.(Nov,2014) I have crippling Peripheral Neuropathy that I tried a different pain medications about 4 times a year for the last 3 years, None worked! My neighbor is also now buying your brand since she tried nime. She has(among other things) Osteoarthritis and Lupus, this is the best pain killing lotion she has ever had. In fact we both use your product because it helps were conventional pharmacological’s don’t.We both take perscription pain med’s every day, which never really did the job. I couldn’t recommend this product more strongly, The scent is your preference! I’ve liked everyone I’ve tried!

  2. Mellissa Selander (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the OG Kush cream! It’s helped my skin through chemo days and now radiation days. I get compliments almost daily about the smell and how yummy it is. It’s so hydrating and not sticky at all. I can’t get enough of It!

  3. KJA

    A friend I was visiting offered me OG when I got a severe muscle cramp in my inner thigh that I couldn’t message or walk off. I rubbed it in and in less than a minute the cramp was gone. I have an unrepairable torn rotator cuff with detached bicep. At times the pain becomes intolerable. After rubbing in OG the pain subsides by at least 80% making it possible for me to use my arm or go to sleep, whichever is the issue. It’s phenominal.

  4. Gary M. (verified owner)

    Kush Creams products provide unquestionably superior pain relief for all kinds of issues where topical treatment is called for. Having tried several “flavors,” the OG Kush is, for me, the one to beat. Fantastic scent and consistency, and you don’t need much for it to be highly effective. I use it every night for debilitating peripheral neuropathy, and even for muscular aches on neck and shoulders working on a computer all day, and the results are truly amazing. A customer since early 2017, I’ve introduced so many friends to Kush that I’m placing bulk orders monthly now. Highly recommended.

  5. Nevella Morrison

    I have not tried it, I have fibromyalgia and in Constance pain…I’m looking for something that will help me…

  6. Dennis Shannon

    Very effective. works great for nerve and muscle pain. I use if for carpal tunnel and back pain.

  7. Mary

    Kush cream was recommended to me while I was shopping across town at another dispensary. I was looking for a different cream brand name. He sent me to have a heart because he did not carry it. Remarkable! I use it on my knees , elbows and wrist. It relieves the pain. Love the smell. O.G kush triple action.

  8. kc10boomer1

    I received a jar of OG Kush in a gift basket. WOW, this works great. I have tried other CBD products before and was a bit cautious. However, I was impressed by how well it worked in comparison. Also a great smell. I used it on knees, elbows and feet or anywhere arthritis hits. With the cold weather just starting, I placed an order for more today.

  9. Jen

    I have TMJ and this cream truly helps make the pain go away I love it’s smell too. I honestly tried some other brands and one of the main downfalls besides them not working is they all tend to stay with the mint smell ,and I can’t stand it .So the fact I can rotate between og kush and purple haze which both smell amazing I’m a life long customer keep up the amazing work kush cream

  10. Wendy Powers

    My husband also has crippling peripheral neuropathy due to having six months of radiation and chemotherapy when he was dealing with colorectal cancer 26 years ago. Sadly, this is one of the very negative side-effects of this having much cancer treatment. He can no longer stand or walk for more than 20 maybe 30 minutes. He also gets crippling muscle cramps in his hands, feet, and legs that calm down quickly when he massages the cream onto the cramp. When he discovered Kush Creams 3 plus years ago, it was a miracle at how much relief he gets from the Kush Cream. We are just about to use up the largest jar (16-oz) of the cream and need to refill. I use it, too. I have fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, TMJ, and other chronic pain issues that I will use the cream for. It is not quite as remarkable as the success my husband received from the cream but it does work very well. My cats do not like the smell so much. Does the strongest product come with no scent? We live in Gig Harbor, too, and would even be willing to come to pick it up to save on shipping. LOL!

    BTW – we are low-income seniors now. Do you offer senior discounts? CHEERS!

  11. Gail Friedlander (verified owner)

    I’ve been using OG Kush to manage my systemic osteoarthritis since 2017. Despite having had both shoulders and one hip replaced, and having many other arthritic joints, I move actively through the world with flexibility and substantial freedom from pain thanks to your product. I work hard daily, both on our farm and in our home, am 72 years old and still going strong, and give quite a bit of the credit to OG Kush cream. I apply it daily to literally every joint in my body. The friends who have begun using it upon my recommendation report back regularly with their own excellent results.

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