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What is full extract cannabis oil (FECO)?

Full extract of cannabis oil (FECO) is the grandmother of extracts, or at the least your great-grandmother would recognized the product.  Quite simply, FECO is an extraction that seeks to preserve all parts of the plant.  The result is a thick dark colored extract that was widely prescribed and readily available at US apothecaries until prohibition.  Now you can again enjoy the pro-health benefits of FECO nourishing your body’s endocannabinoid system with full extract cannabis oil.

Many confuse FECO with other concentrates including Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), gas extracted butane hash oils (BHO), CO2 oils, and other concentrates, but the difference is vast.  FECO attempts to concentrate the entire plant to leverage what is known as the Entourage Effect while the others value only cannabinoids and terpenes.  The Entourage Effect is the scientifically supported position that for healing and relief, cannabis works best when all of the biochemical parts of the plant, not just cannabinoids, are included in the extraction.  It is this whole plant philosophy that makes FECO a superstar in the herbal healing world and a natural fit for those attempting to maintain or improve their health in a natural way.

The healing strength of Kush Creams® and many other cannabis products are powered by FECO as well as many people choose using it directly, but it’s only been readily available in medical marijuana states and for those with “green cards”.  However, with more varied cannabinoid strains, other than THC dominant, FECO can now be calibrated with coconut oils to exact dosing formulations legal throughout the United States and most of the world.

Meet Grandma Cat – FECO Advocate and manufacturer

The medical marijuana era and internationally known, FECO advocate, Grandma Cat has been a supporter and consumer of, as well as the FECO manufacturer for Kush Creams® production.  Grandma Cat uses the historically accurate “moonshine method” allowing safe, human-quality alcohol to gently soak the high quality non-psychotropic (doesn’t make you “high”) cannabis active plant chemicals away from the cellulose structure of the plant.  Then she drains and re-captures the alcohol from the deep emerald green solution leaving a deepest green, thick, potent extract full of cannabinoids and phytochemicals (plant goodness).   She tests the extract at state certified laboratories and then calibrates safe and sane, exact dosing solutions using virgin organic coconut oils.

Now, with the readily available CBD and CBG dominant strains of cannabis, it was an easy decision for Grandma Cat to choose to launch her new line of 100% US legal full extract cannabis oil drops (FECO drops) on the Kush Creams site.  But don’t be fooled, Grandma is no newbie.  It is widely believed that she registered the first cannabis extract company in the state of Washington more than a decade ago and continuously commits to children’s and veteran’s compassionate care choosing for morality over legality across time.

FECO drops on KushCreams.com

FECO drops are available in 1 and 5 milligram/drop solutions, in a variety of cannabinoid ratios.

FECO drops are available in the following sizes:

FECO drops are currently available in the following cannabinoid formulations featuring the Entourage Effect for maximum efficacy.  Formulations are carefully tested to ensure they are legal, however, our entourage effect philosophy does not exclude THC from the formulation, only values of THC greater than .3% by weight.  Hence we can not recommend that people who are tested for THC use these products.