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The Kush Creams® & Deep Green™ FECO Collaboration

The Kush Creams® & Deep Green™ FECO Collaboration

If you were to time trip back to the blooming of medical cannabis in Washington state you would certainly have encountered Megan Kush, founder of Kush Creams®, and Grandma Cat Jeter, founder of Deep Green™.  Both were actively blurring the legal boundaries associated with cannabis in provocative and attention grabbing ways designed to create education and interest on behalf of an ailing population.

As Kush Creams® was quickly becoming a well known “go to” topical solution for many ailments, Jeter was making connections at various farmer’s markets advising early cannabis businesses of their current and potential future legal obligations under the anticipated legalization.  The soon-to-be-dear friends met during the winter of 2010/2011 when Kush Creams stepped up to sponsor the young Tacoma Hempfest organization on which Jeter served as a board member.   Jeter additionally founded Deep Green™ brand full extract cannabis oils (FECO) that same year.

Soon both Kush and Jeter were fast allies known for their deep commitments to patients with emphasis on children and veterans, the plant and compassion.  Their bold personalities, focus on quality products, and authoritative cannabis education has made them memorable pioneers in an era largely dominated by men.  The duo and their brands became fixtures in the emerging cannabis community from small farmer’s markets to High Times Cup competitions; from regularly scheduled internet radio shows to the pages of the National Geographic; and from dusty festival lots to high visibility speaking positions at early cannabis business and science conferences.  Both are charter members of the internationally recognized Women of Weed®, the first mutual support organization for women cannabis entrepreneurs and activists.

Kush’s Kush Creams® and Jeter’s Deep Green™ brands frequently partnered throughout the “Medical Marijuana Era,” and are linked as Kush Creams® uses a proprietary Deep Green™ formulation for its cannabis content.   The friends are well known up and down the West Coast in alternative, mainstream and cannabis communities, were frequent competitors and winners at largely extinct cannabis celebrations and competitions from local to national and were famous for their direct and compassionate patient interactions at historic, early, Washington state farmer’s markets including Left Coast Farmer’s Market, and World Famous Cannabis Farmer’s Market in Tacoma, Son-Shine Farmer’s Market’s in Olympia and Hoodsport, and the Corn Maze Market in Tumwater.

The cannabis pioneers’ relationship has been more than business, as both would describe their relationship as family.  They have stood together since a time when the cannabis business was neither certain or safe, and through life’s highs and lows.  Several generations of their families and their respective business organizations are now intertwined and it should be no surprise that they are collaborating again to provide Grandma Cat’s FECO Drops, a US-legal versions of Jeter’s Deep Green™ full extract cannabis oil in exciting new cannabinoid and exact dose options here on the Kush Creams® website.

It’s a busy life and bright future with both Kush and Jeter imagining useful new herbal products based on millennia of observed experience and emerging science, and living their best lives.  Both happily reside with family on opposite sides of  the South Salish Sea, or Puget Sound region of beautiful Washington state near the Tacoma Narrows.

Feel free to shoot each, or both of them a message.